Prospecting Techniques & Working with Buyers

Course Description

This comprehensive course is designed to equip participants with the essential skills and strategies to effectively prospect and foster new business opportunities. We will guide you in creating and managing your Database/Sphere of Influence (SOI), employing advanced Review Farming Techniques, leveraging the power of our Mobile and Desktop Ads, identifying off-market properties through Remine, and effectively promoting your Boomtown Subdomain. In addition, we will delve into the most effective methods for engaging buyers, fostering loyalty, and enhancing client relationships. This will include a thorough exploration of the BHHS Lifestyle and Planning Guide, as well as a comprehensive review of showing procedures and other invaluable insights.

Course Highlights

    • Database Management: Learn to build and manage your SOI for effective prospecting.
    • Review Farming: Master advanced online reputation-building techniques.
    • Ad Strategies: Utilize Mobile and Desktop Ads for lead generation.
    • Off-Market Properties: Identify hidden property opportunities with Remine.
    • Boomtown Promotion: Optimize your Boomtown Subdomain for leads.
    • Buyer Engagement: Develop effective strategies to engage and retain buyers.
    • Client Relationships: Enhance relationships with BHHS Lifestyle Guide.
    • Showing Procedures: Review showing procedures and gain key insights for success.

Self-Study Review

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Diane Martinez

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