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BHHS REsource Center

Virtual Attendance , United States

In this extensive course, you'll learn how to easily navigate the BHHS REsource Center. We'll dive deep into the Marketing REsource platform and show you how to customize various templates to suit your needs. We'll explore valuable tools like CHALK Digital, Videobuzz, The Shop at BHHS, and the Learn Center. By the end of this […]

BoomTown CRM

Virtual Attendance , United States

In this course, we will cover valuable techniques for managing leads and effectively utilizing the company's Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. We will thoroughly examine the distinctions between the front-end public-facing associate sub-domain and the back-end CRM. Alongside a comprehensive system overview, we will delve into key program features such as marketing central, hot sheets, […]

Social Media: SOCI, Ace Social, Facebook

Virtual Attendance , United States

In this comprehensive course, you will acquire the skills necessary to construct and optimize your Facebook Business Page while harnessing the full potential of your social media presence through BHHS Social Media REsource with SOCI and Ace Social.   Virtual Attendance Registration:

Prospecting Techniques & Working with Buyers

Virtual Attendance , United States

This comprehensive course is designed to equip participants with the essential skills and strategies to effectively prospect and foster new business opportunities. We will guide you in creating and managing your Database/Sphere of Influence (SOI), employing advanced Review Farming Techniques, leveraging the power of our Mobile and Desktop Ads, identifying off-market properties through Remine, and […]

Comparative Market Analysis

Virtual Attendance , United States

This extensive course equips you with the skills to effectively assess and determine optimal listing prices for homes on the market and offer prices for home purchases. Through an extensive exploration, you will learn the key criteria for selecting comparable properties, utilize various reliable sources including tax sites, facts & trends, and ancillary platforms for […]