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Session One: “Living on Purpose the Ninja Way”


This video can be viewed full screen by hovering and clicking on the double arrows in the lower, right-hand corner — once you have hit the “PLAY” button and registered. The video will appear dark for the first five seconds but will clear for ease in viewing. As you hover over the control panel at the bottom, the video will go dark so that you can access the panel at any time.  Hit ESCAPE key to return to this page and the normal video viewing size. Enjoy!

Our Master Ninja Instructor for our one-hour together will be Don Tennessen who has been teaching Ninja Selling since 2006 and has been a Realtor at The Group, Inc. in Fort Collins, Colorado since 1999.  It’s his passion to teach Ninja concepts and help our people be as productive as possible. 

Click on the image below to access the PDF with links to each resource.

Don Tennessen

Ninja Instructor since 2006