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NEW! E-SIGN! Oct. 2022

You can now add your Service Providers, such as the Escrow Company and Title Company (with split options), to your transactions under the Transaction Participants section.

Simply click the Add Service Providers button within the Transaction Participants section.

Then add the providers information either manually or directly from your Form Simplicity Contacts.

If this is the first time adding the service provider, you will be prompted to save the provider to your Contacts for future use.


Now Available: RentSpree Integration

Online Tenant Screening & Rental Solution for Form Simplicity Users

If you’ve ever worked with a rental, we’ve got great news! You are now able to easily collect a completed rental application package while managing all aspects of your rental online!

Now that it’s available within Form Simplicity, you can start in minutes directly within your transaction and results are returned in seconds after applicants complete the online process.

Best of all, there will be no cost for you to use the service.

  • Enable the integration on your Preferences page under the Integrations section.
  • Anytime you create a Residential Lease/Rental, simply select the “Tenant Screening Option”.
  • Once the transaction is created, you can set your screening preferences and have a link sent to your email that you can post on your rental listing.
  • A copy of the URL can also be found in the History section of the transaction.

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New Feature: Email Templates

You can now easily create and save custom templates for email messages that you consistently send out of Form Simplicity and qucikly add them any time you send that message.

  • Broker-users can create ‘Brokerage-wide Email Templates’ and Agent-users can create ‘Personal Email Templates’.
  • Email templates just need a name, subject line and a message that can include HTML formatting.
  • When sending an email from any area of Form Simplicity, the user can choose from the brokerage-wide or personal templates to add to their message.
  • Only 1 template can be applied to a message. Selecting another template will replace the initially selected template.


NOW LIVE: eSign 2.0

We are excited to announce eSign 2.0 is now LIVE. eSign 2.0 simplifies the eSign process on any device, making it easier and faster to electronically create, send and sign documents all in a new mobile-responsive platform.

Here’s what is available!

  • A More Intuitive Design
    •  Improved mobile experience
    •  Faster session creation
    •  Easier for clients to use
    •  And more…..

Here’s what to know!

  • eSign and eSign 2.0 will be available and operate from the same database so all sessions and templates are available in both platforms.

Here’s how to get started!

  • Select your transactions Forms and Files and choose eSign as you normally do…
    •  Choose ‘Create new eSign 2.0 session’…
    •  …and that’s it!

Here’s how to learn more!

eSign 2.0 Training Videos

Create an eSign 2.0 session
Sign an eSign 2.0 session


The Basics of Form Simplicity

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