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The Dergalis Associates Agent Benefits Program provides you with easy access to insurance and other financial products and services through financial professionals. Dergalis Associates is comprised of a team of professionals focusing on financial services, and benefit administration. The team works together to help you create customized financial strategies and benefit plans.

Presentation: Reduce Your Taxable Income for 2023 and Beyond

Join us for a power-packed webinar designed to help Realtors significantly reduce their taxable income for 2023 and beyond. You read that correctly. It’s not too late to lower your 2023 taxable income. Optimizing your tax strategy in today’s competitive market is crucial for maximizing your profits and achieving financial success.

    • Unlock the Secure Act Advantage: Discover how the Secure Act can be leveraged to your benefit, offering new tax-saving opportunities for retirement accounts
    • Retirement Account Strategies: Dive into different retirement account options like IRAs,401(k)s, and Defined Benefit Plans and learn how to optimize your contributions from maximum tax deductions.
    • Business Structuring for Tax Savings: Explore the impact of your business structure (sole proprietorship, LLC, S-Corporation) on your tax liability and identify the optimal setup for maximizing deductions and minimizing taxes

Presentation: Run your business like a CEO

This session will delve into critical topics such as optimizing your business structure, expertly managing cash flow, reinvesting in your business, and creating a roadmap for financial growth. Get ready to elevate your business as you dive into this exclusive presentation from Dergalis Associates. Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to gain valuable insights and unlock your business’s full potential.

Presentation: Tax Planning for 2023

Alex Abbenante

Alex Abbenante

Certified Financial Planner

Jaclyn Unger

Jaclyn Unger

Financial Advisor

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